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Sign-Up & User Expectations

  • Free Membership. Basic membership is free and it always will be. We believe everyone needs encouragement.
  • Encourage Plus Memberships. Memberships with new features and functionality will be available January 2019. Pricing will be affordable for most individuals and will provide valuable tools to provide more customization and advanced delivery tools.
  • Age Requirements. We require all of our users to be 18 years of age. Recipients can be of any age. We expect our users to use the platform appropriately. Inappropriate use reported by recipients or other users will be dealt with in a measured way; including but not limited to suspension of use.
  • No Stalking Policy. Recipients are encouraged to report misuse directly to Encourage X. Please use appropriately. If you send a note inadvertently, please let us know ASAP.
  • Required User Information: We just need your name and email address or phone number.
  • Use of Personal Information: We do not sell individual user information for targeted ads by retailers, advertisers or political organizations.
  • Use of your Images: Your picture will be used to send personalized emails. We do not keep your images for any data source usage.

Personal Profile Information

We use this information to help curate better encouragement recommendations.

  • REQUIRED INFORMATION: Name & Relationship Type
  • ABOUT INFORMATION: Age, Birthday, Relationship Status, Occupation, and Gender
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Mailing Address & Phone Number
  • PERSONALIZATION: Brand Preferences, Hobbies & Interests, Important Holidays, Key Relationship Roles, Media Preferences, Religious Beliefs, Sports & Recreation, Strictly Prohibited, Style & Lifestyle, Tone of Voice, Traditional Holidays, Values & Virtues, Ways of Communicating

Encouragement Product Lines and Offerings

We offer encouragement ideas and recommendations in four product lines.

  • Words & Phrases: Quotes, Lyrics, Passages, Verses, Excerpts 
  • Audio & Video: Stories, Performances, Education, Conversations, Speakers
  • Gifts & Goodwill: Traditional, Contributions, Personalized, Services, Products, Financial Services
  • Events & Experiences: Performance, Special Interests, Travel, Pro Services  

Upload Your Own Encouragement Ideas

  • Curated Items by Our Users: Make your encouragement plans more personal by uploading your own encouragement ideas.
  • Images, Quotes, Videos, etc.: are all welcomed to help encourage the people you care about. File size limited to 2 MB. No video uploading with the basic membership.
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