The Importance of a Good Attitude

Customer Service, Leadership, Working in Sports, Smiling Faces

He or She Might Be Thinking About...

  • I don’t feel like its worth it to think positive.
  • People make fun of me when I am too positive.
  • No one wants to be criticized for being a cheerleader.
  • Having a good attitude is much easier said than done. 
  • I don’t feel like I get credit for being a good person. People want performance, not being nice.
  • Sometimes fans and other employees just rub me the wrong way. 
  • It's really hard to be positive when it's pouring down rain or freezing cold outside.
  • I have to try really hard to be positive and outgoing.
  • It's exhausting to be happy and bubbly all of the time. 
  • How am I supposed to be positive and have a good attitude when I'm dealing with a crazy screaming customer?
  • My job would be much easier if the customers had good attitudes.
  • These customers are acting like their problem is my own fault! I wish they understood I'm just a service representative. 
  • My job would be great if I didn't have to work with angry customers.

Words That Might Be Encouraging

  • Every day might not be good...but there is something good in every day. 
  • Show gratitude when someone does anything to help you achieve your objectives.  
  • You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • Seeing the positive qualities in others helps bring out the positive qualities in yourself. 
  • Use positive messaging, instead of being negative. 
  • 80% of the message you're trying to convey lies in your delivery. Be kind anmd confident.
  • Practice thankfulness in everything you do.
  • Appreciate the little wins along the way.
  • Smile as your default position.
  • Develop relationships with the people you care about. They'll help you get through your toughest days.
  • Be willing to stand alone to do the right thing.
  • I know it's tough, but you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

Words That Might Be Discouraging

  • Your job sounds awful!
  • Nice guys finish last.
  • Only the strong survive in a job like that.
  • A bad experience with one customer really doesn't matter.
  • Being too nice is a sign of weakness.
  • You have to develop sharp elbows to survive.
  • Nobody is really going to know if you're nice to the customers or not. 
  • How do you not lose your mind everyday dealing with customers?
  • I'd hate to have your job. 
  • Why don't you just get another job?
  • Sounds like a bunch of unnecessary drama if you ask me.
  • Just get over it and do your job. 
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