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Jessica Tanner is a marketing professional from Katy, Texas with a specialty in personal branding and customer centricity. Jessica graduated cum laude as a student-athlete with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Communications from the University of Tulsa in 2012. Her research interests concentrate on athletics, developing youth, and family values. In addition to her curation contributions with EncourageX, Jessica spends her time mentoring and coaching fastpitch softball players and volunteering.

They Might Be Thinking

  • What should I do for someone I've just recently met or started dating?
  • Is a fancy dinner too formal?
  • How much should I spend on a gift?
  • Should we discuss our plans ahead of time?
  • What if they get me something really nice?
  • Is a homemade card too cheesy?
  • Should I bring flowers?
  • What is my new love interest expecting from me?
  • I am stressing out about Valentine's Day. 
  • Some people don't consider Valentine's Day a holiday. What if they don't even celebrate Valentine's Day?
  • Should I go with the "sweet and romantic" or "funny and sarcastic" approach?
  • Should I get a card?
  • Do I need to make dinner reservations?

Words That Might Be Encouraging

  • Ask the other person what they think about the holiday in advance.
  • Keep plans and gifts simple.
  • Make dinner reservations in advance if you plan to go out to eat.
  • Consider a hand-crafted card or home-cooked meal.
  • Try taking a romatic stroll or having a picnic.
  • Keep your expectations realistic - this relationship is still new and early. 
  • Relax and enjoy each other's company and friendship.
  • Communication is key. Talk about the holiday ahead of time to gauge expectations.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to plan or get gifts,
  • Be genuine and you can't go wrong.

Words That Might Be Discouraging

  • Do not ignore the holiday or act like it doesn't exist.
  • "Valentine's Day isn't even a real holiday."
  • Avoid gifts that require a long-term commitment, such as a puppy. Keep it casual.
  • Avoid sexual inuendos or jokes and gifts such as lingerie or dirty games.
  • Do not postpone the celebrations for a day that's not so busy.
  • Avoid talking about long-term plans such as marriage and what your children will look like.
  • Try not to stress out and blow plans or conversations out of proportion.
  • "Let's split the bill."
  • Don't imply expectations of going back to their place.
  • "Valentine's Day is really just singles awareness day."
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